Course Description

Governing equation and models of fluid flow and heat transfer; basic numerical techniques for solution; estimation of accuracy and stability of the numerical approximations; boundary conditions; grid generation; structure and performance of commercial software for applications in analysis and design of thermo-fluid systems

Course Objectives

  1. The student will have an understanding of fundamental governing equations of computational fluid flow and heat transfer.
  2. The student will learn about basic computational techniques for the solution of fluid flow and heat transfer.
  3. The student will become familiar with commonly used commercial software packages for computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer.
  4. The student will utilize a computer software tool (FLUENT©) to learn about design aspects of fluid and thermal engineering.


Past Final Projects

  1. Hemodynamic Analysis of Morphologically Variant Aneurysms: Adam Beranek-Collins and Rohini Retarekar

  2. Athena Model CFD Simulation in Fluent: Thad Michael and James Johansen

  3. Modeling of Transient to Turbulence Flow in The Arterial Stenosis: Mehrdad H Farahani and Majid Emadi

  4. A CFD Approach to Quantifying the Hemodynamic Forces in Giant Cerebral Aneurysms: Anna Hoppe and Brian Walsh

  5. Dynamic Effects of Drafting: Shane Cook and Ankush Bhasin

  6. CFD Modeling of Bladeless Fan: Dan Wu and Jun-Chun Wong

  7. X-Wing Fighter: A Computational Fluid Simulation of a Fictitious Aircraft at Sub- and Supersonic Speeds: Marta  Muilenburg and James Ulstad

  8. Effects of golf ball dimple configuration: Pengfei Du and Yan Zhang

  9. Pentacrest airflow simulation: Matt Johnson and Danielle Washburn

  10. BBQ Grill Problem: Akira Hanaoka and Masashi Yamaguchi

  11. CFD Model of rotating Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine: David Allen and Omer Elgaali

  1. Modeling Kinnick Stadium Wind Conditions: Eric DeCristofaro and Alan Zantout

  2. Investigation of Wind Flow around an Urban Environment: Ozge Kureksiz and Megan Leone

  3. Numerical Investigations of Wing-in-ground Effects: Kwang Jun Paik and Tomohiro Takai

  4. Study of airplane winglets on lift and drag: Jon Barry and Nicole Heacock

  5. Aerodynamic Bicycle Forks: Kendall Jackson and Dennis Andre

  6. Simulation of Clark Y Airfoils with Different Aspect Ratios: Stuart Breczinski and Ryan Tesar

  7. Analysis of the Effect of Vortex Induced Vibration on Cylindrical Structures: Rob Marr and Craig Murray

  8. Computer Heat Sink Design Analysis: Neeraj Mishra, Neal Grieb and Xiupeng Wei

  9. Simulation Heat Loss from Houses during the Winter: Jon Higgerson and Yushi Wang

  10. Comparative CFD Analysis of Mixer blades: Greg Samuels and Ben VanSchepen

  11. Interaction of Flow Fields Around Multiple Parachute Jumpers: Curtis Goreham-Voss and Joe Lomheim

  12. Modeling the Flow Nature over Different Cross Sections of a Spiral Stent Implanted in Human Stenotic Trachea: Liza Shrestha and Maged Awadalla

  13. Fluid Dynamics of Swimming: Beau Bushman and Steve Slach

  14. Tarkio Stream Fish Ladder: Mike Schubert and LlynnAnn Luellen

  15. Vortex Shedding of Various Winglet Styles and the Effect on Lift: Chris Lu and Jacob Thole

  1. Analysis of Race Car Wing Geometry: Matthew Marquardt and Jonathan Zeman

  2. Temperature Distribution in an Apartment of Hawkeye Drive: Reinaldo Morales Garcia and Shinjiro Miyawaki

  3. Flow Comparison between a Disk Golf Driver and an Ultimate Frisbee: Matt Pokorny and Brett Kline

  4. CFD Simulation of Aerodynamic Fairing: Robert Maier and Leigh Roto

  5. CFD Analysis of Hang glider: Jacob Lee and Andy Ewald

  6. Study of the modification of the wind field by the Vaisala compact weather station WXT510: Renato P. M. Frasson and Seok Jung Hong

  7. Brake Cooling Duct Design for Race Cars: Andy Merlino

  8. Analysis of the effects of dihedral wings and v-style tail designs: Nicole Becklinger and Paul Jermihov

  9. Modeling culvert Flow with Fluent 6.2: George Reins and Howard Ho

  1. Preliminary Evaluation of Kite Use in High Altitude Wind Power: Ilker Karakaya and Alex Monroe

  2. Simulating Air and Fuel Flow through a Carburetor/Venturi with Varied Valve Position: Brett Bathel and Matt Zanker

  3. 3D Simulation of a Fish Bypass in a Hydroelectric Power Plant: Gaston Ferrari and Vijay Govindarajan

  4. Simulated Airflow in a Five-Generation Human Airway Tree: Andrew Lambert

  5. Airflow Around Two Drafting Bikers Riding in Different Positions: Bob Higgins and Jess Goetz

  6. Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of a Golf Ball in Flight: Kevin Langan and Tim Kennelly

  7. CFD Analysis of Drag on Pickup Body with Varying Tailgate Positions: Colin Chrastka and Mike Elgin

  1. Airflow in a Polluted vs. non-Polluted Human Airway: Georgette Stern and Terri Hansen

  2. Fluid Flow Around Modern Rifle Round Vs Musket Ball: Will Hornung and Dane Trotzig

  3. AIAA Airfoil Design: Anthony Dix and Paul Deegan

  4. Benefits of Drafting: Dan Kinne

  5. Spider Rover for the Mars Environment: Carrie Wilson and Adam Roche

  6. Simulation of Flow around Cyclists using Fluent: Joe Daraio and Talia Tokyay

  7. Simulation of Traveling Grater Furnace and Particle Deposition: Kazeem Olanrewaju and Bihua Wei

  8. Simulations of Reacting/Non-Reacting Flows on A Low-Swirl Burner: Hui Gao and Yun Huang

  9. RANS Simulation around the Three-Dimensional bodies with Free-Surface: Yoon Hyunse and Nobuaki Sakamoto

  1. Topographic Effect on Wind Turbine Positioning: Y. Morales-Chavez, S. K. Ooi, and A. Yorozuya

  2. Three Dimensional Fow Simulation before and after Endovascular Coil Embolization of a Terminal Cerebral Aneurysm: D. Ely, C. Fitzgerald, and B. Koppenhaver

  3. CFD Simulation of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm: J. Kratzberg and C. Gassman

  4. CFD Smulation of Dust Particle Flow during Tuck Pointing: A. Harwood and S. Dillard

  5. Simulation of Flow in a Bed of Bivalve Mollusks: A. McCoy, N. Young, and C. Walters

  6. CFD Simulation of Flow Structure around a Bridge Pier: G. Kirkil, C. Polatel, and C. Turan

  7. Drag Force Analysis of Hummer H1 with Mounted GPS Antenna in Different Positions: Z. Hou, R. Korkut, and E. C. Ozdemir

  8. Airflow Simulation for Hydrogen Sulfide Gas in a Grit Building Environment: J. A. Lee

  1. Heavy Vehicle Aerodynamics: Tractor Roof Top Deflectors: D. Ceynar, K. D. Karnstedt, and G. Zhou

  2. A Study of the Aerodynamics of Truck-Car Interaction: S. Vigmostad and H. Kim

  3. Study of Drag Force on a Heavy Duty Truck : S. Kabilan and M. Md. Haque

  1. Analysis of the drag force distribution on the surface of the car: I. Kurtogle, Y. Miao, and Y. Zhang

  2. Effects of Turbulent Modeling on Sedan Drag: L. Breeher, J. Garvin, and B. Jeffrey

  3. Investigation of Drag on a Sedan Using Fluent: J. Shao, J. Gao, and B. Ma

  4. Drag Force Analysis with Two-Car Configuration: M. Gan, R. Venturumilli, and B. Ryan

  5. Drag Force on an Chevrolet S-10 Pickup Truck: B. Diebold, A. Link, and G. McAlister

  1. Heating and Ventilation of a Residential Room: J. Hu and D. Abraham

  2. Simulation of Ventilated Indoor Environment: Y. Sun and H. Zhang

  3. Air Flow Study of a Ventilation System for Swine Confinement:  Z. Lin and L. Zhang

  4. Computational Study of Raised Floor  Air conditioning system: L. Mao, Z. Xiong, and X. Yu